This Week's Sales!

Just for fun, we're doing a Medieval fantasy theme for this week's sale items. Enjoy!

49L all day Wednesday

60L Saturday and Sunday

New Lehenga Choli and Freebie!

I know it's  been a while since I've had some newness, which is only part of why I am so excited about today's new items!


Mesh lehenga choli with dupatta and hair! Inspired by traditional outfits from India. Skirt, top, matching veil and texture change hair. Available in 7 lovely colors.

The dupatta (head scarf) is rigged in 5 sizes and comes with an unrigged, editable hair for your hairline. The hair comes in 20 colors as seen below. It's also tintable, for just the right color.

Rana is available at the main store, but four colors (black, red, gold and white) are also available at this months' Secret Wednesday yardsale for just 49L! Visit the Secret Wednesday HQ to snag them before the yard sale ends!

To compliment Rana, I've created a fun freebie for you all!

These free Indian Walk Sounds are wearable, and will make a tinkling bell sound that matches your footsteps. They come in two sound types. Small tinkling bells are cute and light sounding, like silver belled anklets. The Ghungroo are a heavy, more rhythmic sound made by traditional Indian dancing bells.

You can get the freebie at the main store. Enjoy!

July Round of My Slink Obsession

Cazimi is in the July's round of My Slink Obsession with a round of all new Slink compatible items for 50% off or more! 

Visit MSO at Slink West

See the Shopping Guide for this round on the blog

Visit the MSO flickr group

14 fun and colorful hanbok nails and 7 Korean art nails. So cute!

 These fantasy-like nails are reminiscent of fireflies and dandelion seeds floating in the grass.

 Softly colorful, perfect for a lazy day on the porch.

Hot and bright colors inspired by the setting sun.