Spoonful of Sugar!

A fashion event to raise funds for MSF/Doctors Without Borders!
Sept 9th - 25th

Cazimi has a handful of brand new items that will be available only at SOS for the duration of the event.  

Cazimi is now offering Maitreya nail appliers! Our first ones are at SOS, check them out! We also have a freebie nail set available for you to try.

This Week's Sales!

Secret Wednesday - 49L Wednesday Only

 60L Weekends - 60L Saturday & Sunday
(Now supporting Belleza, Omega and Slink)

I've also converted two more nail appliers to Belleza, Omega and Slink. All are available at the main store:

Belleza & Omega Nail Appliers

I've begun to convert some of the current Slink nails to include appliers for Belleza and Omega. So far there are four sets that are converted. I will keep adding them as I have time.

If you previously purchased a Slink set and would like the new set with Omega and Belleza appliers you can do so by getting a redelivery from the terminal at the main room.

For you Maitreya users I plan to make nails for your systems as well. Unfortunately Maitreya texture templates are different from those used by Slink and Belleza, and don't covert easily, so I will be devoting some separate nail sets to Maitreya at a later date. Stay tuned!

Below are the items currently available:

NEW Home Decor items!

New Sari Curtains! Mesh curtains in a draped and straight shape in 9 coordinated color options. 2L each at their current size. They are mod/copy so you can resize as needed. See them in use at the main store!

I've also put out some artwork for sale. All the home decor items are in the back behind the nails and stockings. Enjoy!