New! Wintery Slink Nails and Exotic Jewelry!

Three new items to announce today!

Winter 2015 Slink Nails
This seasons hottest (chilliest?) colors!

Into the Woods Slink Nails
Ten rich colors reminiscent of an enchanted woodland

Pirayeh Bracelets & Armlets
Includes texture change HUD with 7 metals and 15 stones to choose from

Autumn Newness!

 Autumn is my favorite time of year, so I am very excited to share some fall newness with you all! I've put the new items out at the front of the store along with autumn themed items from previous years.

Autumn 2015 Slink Nails
Using this season's popular colors, ten polishes for Slink hands and feet.

 Autumn 2015 Tights
Includes default clothing/tattoo layers and Slink appliers. Ten solids and ten sheers in this season's colors.

This Week's Sales!

Just for fun, we're doing a Medieval fantasy theme for this week's sale items. Enjoy!

49L all day Wednesday

60L Saturday and Sunday